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Is COVID-19 Healing the Earth?

I do not want to praise COVID-19 for what it is doing to the planet but if you have read other articles about this same issue then you will also think about it. What if, the Earth really needs to breathe from all the pollution and trash that we as humans produced and this virus is a way to do that?

COVID-19 Lockdown is Healing the Planet

China Pollution Emission Comparison

When China went into lockdown, the number one producer of pollution suddenly became the least producer. CO2 emissions dropped at historic levels which could not have been possible if there is no pandemic such as COVID-19.

Air, sea and land travel is halted and suspended in many quarantine areas. This means that the pollution caused by these ways of transportation is prevented at historical levels. People are also lockdown, hence their capacity to produce more garbage and pollute places is greatly reduced.

It might be a drastic solution, that Earth has decided to take on. It is an easier and more life-saving solution than letting the earth plummet into an unimaginable crisis due to Climate Change and wanton environmental destruction.

The Philippines is Healing Too

Here are some photos were taken by Netizens about the sudden beauty of nature seen in their area.

Photo by Remz C Abarixo
Xiaomi Mi 9tpro / x2 zoom
Batasan Qc | LR | 032520

Meanwhile Manila Bay is also improving.

Manila Bay’s Waters Have Suddenly Turned Turquoise

Meanwhile, in Atimonan, Quezon the fish is once again abundant. Take a look at this Facebook post from a netizen.

Do you also see improvements in your community? Send us a photo through our Facebook Page.

Updates on Healing of the Planet

The data is based on observations by the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite, and show dramatic declines in the levels of nitrogen dioxide concentrations over Paris, Milan, and Rome, compared to average concentrations a year ago.

Air Pollution is Down Across Europe. The European Space Agency published new images showing sharp reductions in pollution over several major cities in Europe due to the coronavirus crisis.

The measurements were taken over 10 days to even out changes in the weather, which affect the concentration of nitrogen dioxide. NO2 forms when fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas or diesel are burned.

COVID-19 is a Virus and We Must Survive

We must survive and defeat this virus. After that, however, we should also reassess and rethink our ways. This virus surfaced because of our own lifestyle and consumer pattern. If COVID-19 is indeed prevented to spread and kill more people, there is no saying that there can be another one.

We must be ready and we must nurture nature together as we rebuild our lives again, or we might face her greatest wrath.

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