Let us #breakfreefromplastic | Sign the Petition

Let us #breakfreefromplastic | Sign the Petition

We fully support the call of the #breakfreefromplastic Movement and the Eco Waste Coalition to legislate a National Law Banning Single-Use Plastic in the Philippines. We call on every one to sign the petition and spread the word.

Together let us call for the passage of a national ban on single-use plastic! We are calling on the 18th Congress of the Philippines to urgently pass a comprehensive bill banning single-use plastic packaging and products.

A comprehensive national ban on single-use plastic will not only “clean up” the plastic problem, but will ensure that no more harmful disposable plastic will pollute our cities, beaches, and mountains, kill wildlife and marine life, and threaten our health.

Please SIGN THE PETITION NOW at https://tinyurl.com/SUPBANPETITION.

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