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There is no other opportune time to stand up and be an ally of the environment than today. Let us not fear the forthcoming problems instead let us create ways to make things better today. Environment is life and to protect our own life, we must protect her.

We aim to become a national green political party in the Philippines. We are engaging the 2022 synchronize national and local elections. We are committed to push policies and programs to benefit key environmental and sustainable development agenda.

We Need Your Support for a GREEN PHILIPPINES

Help shape a #BetterNormal!

It is a monumental task to embark on this journey to participate in the election and empower our people to support a GREEN AGENDA that focuses on the welfare of the environment. Our time is limited because if we do not act now we might end up in a country and a world were we will have a hard time living in.

We are currently organizing in 8 regions, 26 provinces and 26 cities and 25 municipalities nationwide. Together with the party, we are also organizing a research & training institute and a youth wing. The group is currently led by an INTERIM NATIONAL COUNCIL.


Here are some of the areas and activities which will be funded by your donations:

  • Membership drive to reach out to more people and make them environmental advocates.
  • Leadership training to create environmental warriors or “Bagani ng Kalikasan”.
  • Funding of various projects including webinars, online shows, on-ground projects to empower people to do something to help protect and nurture the environment.
  • Funding volunteer support for the party.

Click below to DONATE to the cause of the Green Party of the Philippines (GPP-KALIKASAN MUNA)