About the Green Party of the Philippines

We are an emerging GREEN political party guided by the “KALIKASAN MUNA, NGAYON NA!” Manifesto. We come together in the spirit of solidarity and good faith as citizens of the Philippines and the Earth, under the banner of a political party; who commit to the noble mission of engaging in a political process that mobilizes citizens towards good governance and sustainable development; and who hereby swear to pursue this task with courage, fervor and determination through peaceful means, resisting all ideologies that run counter to peaceful resolution.


General Objectives

  1. To act in synergy to advance party ideals through peaceful political means.
  2. To uphold the environmental issues as the key political agenda among decision-makers in government and other sectors of society
  3. To create a constituency of people from all sectors that respects all life forms in nature
  4. To foster ecological standards of personal behavior for all for the protection of the environment

Specific Objectives

  1. To support candidates at the local and national levels with sound environmental platforms and good environmental governance performance.
  2. To formulate and lobby for the enactment of laws that would conserve, rehabilitate, and protect our environment and enhance our life support systems and cultural integrity towards sustainable development.
  3. To advocate against unfair business and industrial practices by multi-national corporations which have a direct and deep impact on the state of the environment and demand for exact corporate accountability and responsibility.
  4. To push adequate funding for effective implementation and strict enforcement of the existing laws on the environment.
  5. To work with other green movements at all levels, local, national, and international.


We are currently organizing in 13 regions, 26 provinces, 25 cities and 15 municipalities nationwide.

We are inviting people to be part of a national green movement. Our Green Governance program will not just to build capacity of active citizens to participate in green governance but also to provide support to green electoral participation with projects to support the formation of a national green political party.

Type of ConvenorsWith Potential ConvenorsTotal Number Required% Covered
City in NCR111668.75%

The current proposal being discussed across this emerging Green Party in the Philippines is to engage 2022 synchronized national and local elections carrying our 10-point Green Platform Agenda of the Party. The Primary Election process of the Party to select our candidates for the 2022 elections will begin January of 2021.