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Aksyon Kalikasan launches Green Mall Caravan


Aksyon Kalikasan (Green Philippines) is launching its Green Mall Caravan at Tiendesitas, Pasig City though a music and panel discussion event. HIMIG PARA SA KALIKASAN (Global Climate Action Event) focuses on showcasing music and talent of performers and also features relevant panel discussions regarding Climate Change.

Free Booth and Exhibit to Environmental Organization and Green Business

Are you an environmental organization, NGO, business, or artist among others? If you are then you can apply for a slot during Himig Para sa Kalikasan (Green Mall Caravan) and GET A FREE SPACE to promote your cause and business.

📌If you are interested send an email to with the following details:

✔Name of group/organization/business
✔Nature of business or organization with a brief introduction and profile.
✔Contact details
✔Plan for your booth (selling, activities, etc.)

Panel Discussion on Climate Change

Himig Para sa Kalikasan will be having panel discussions related to Climate Change. Each panel will be composed of at least 3 panelists and a moderator. The panel includes the following:

  • Climate Change and the Necessity of Government Action
  • Business and Climate Change
  • Youth and Climate Change
  • Media and Climate Change Advocacy.

Among the confirmed panelist is Brian Theseira of the World Green Council. World Green Council focusses on the practices of the millions of people who work in hospitality and tourism worldwide. Through a better understanding of sustainable practices, the World Green Council is working to recognize operators for their commitment to improving these skills.

Jim Paredes will be one of the performers and panelists as well during the event. Paredes is a Filipino musician, producer, educator, writer, photographer, television personality, workshop facilitator, and activist best known for being one of the members of APO Hiking Society, along with Danny Javier and Boboy Garovillo.

Also, part of the panel for Media and Climate Change is Ross Flores del Rosario, founder of Wazzup Pilipinas. As Pambasang Blogger, he advocates for the shift to a more organic consumer attitude and the promotion of eco-tourism and organic products.

Book Launch of Pilgrimage to Paradise and Keynote Discussion

Hilary Pangan, author of the book Pilgrimage to Paradise: A Climate Change Adaptation will be the keynote speaker during the event. Himig Para sa Kalikasan will also have the book launching for this book, which serves as one of the many insights about our current climate problem.

Pilgrimage to Paradise: A Climate Change Adaptation is a book is about Climate Change Adaptation. It contains nine systems of sustainability that can be put together in one location: Food Forest System, Organic Farming System, Green Business System, Craft Village System, Permaculture School System, Green Architecture System, Earth Commune System, Off Grid System, and Hope Enculturation System. These Systems together can convince people to change their lifestyle from carbon-emitting to carbon-absorbing way.

Creating Climate Adaptive Re-settlements– Earth Communes is claimed by this book as the best solution to climate change as it can change the lifestyle of many people away from material development towards a more ecological way of life. This book details the practical steps of changing our lifestyle from food to crops, to recreation, prayers, windmills, baskets, etc. that will create a lifestyle that is more adaptive to Climate Change. Finally, this book aims to replicate these CARE-Communes all over the world.

A Full Day of Music for the Environment


More than 10 bands and performers have confirmed for Himig Para Sa Kalikasan. All of them waved their talent fees in their desire to help raise awareness for the environment. Confirmed performers are:

Volunteer Registration

The event will also open volunteer sign-ups for various organizations including Aksyon Kalikasan. If you are interested to be part of the environmental advocacy then this is the event for you. Register and be part of the cause.

For more information on the event, you can visit Himig Para sa Kalikasan on Facebook.

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Jose Valentino T. de Gala

It’d be a great treat and honour to volunteer and work with you. 😊

David D'Angelo

We would love to see you at the event.


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