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GPP Kalikasan Muna - Green Party of the Philippines World Cleanup Day Statement

On September 18, all environmental activists worldwide will unite again for World Cleanup Day. At this time, environmental volunteers will come together to get rid of the trash, litter, and mismanaged waste from the streets, rivers, beaches, and forests.

Since then, every day the world is accumulating wastes not only on land, rivers, and seas but also on air. Waste that destructive not only to the environment, animals but also to human beings. Destructions cost not only a huge amount of resources but also many lives. The long debate regarding these issues emerged many years now, but still many only look at it as it happens to their very eyes. Enormous mutilation to the environment is still ignored.

Then comes COVID 19. Many lives and a huge amount of resources were wasted. And every day, tons and tons of not just plastics garbage is accumulating because of these mandatories wearing of face shields and facemask but most of all toxic medical waste coming from overloaded hospitals that has no proper disposal waste management. These dangerous waste problems are not yet addressed by the government.

But to some these environmental wastes is just a little problem of our society. Today, the Senate is conducting an investigation regarding the DOH Management of COVID 19 billion allocated funds. Though nothing is proven yet, it seems that the government borrowed money which will be paid by the Filipino taxes in many years’ time are wasted. One more major problem, according to WHO the world is now on the “third wave” which Delta variant is the main driver. In addition to the current increase of virus transmission are the ineffective and inconsistent public health and social measures being implemented by the government. Last September 11, 2021, the Philippines recorded 26,303 new Covid 19 cases, the highest single-day tally since the pandemic began. Sad to say instead the government is taking concrete plans and actions to address these pressing issues, they are throwing mud to each other and busy preparing for the incoming 2022 national election.

With these scenarios, it is very obvious that we have to “clean” not just for the environment, but also for our political situation. It is worth thinking that we can use the fast-approaching 2022 election to “sweep the dirt out of our society” and have the rightfully constitutional solemn duty to elect the leader who cares more for the country and for the environment more than his political and personal interest.

Let the political “cleanup day” starts this September 18 until the first Friday of May 2022 for the Philippines to have the right leader that cares primarily for the benefits of the country and for the environment in which we live together.

As the broomstick philosophy: “from small bundles tied together, comes unity and strength”. Let us unite and cooperate, to work together as one – and move in the same direction, with the sense of togetherness, cohesion, and harmony between the individuals. Let us broom away from the waste of our society for the better Philippines, for a better environment.

Media Contact

Jeph Ramos
Party Secretary and Chairperson of Advocacy and Media Affairs Committee
LGBTQ+ Sectoral Convenor

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