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What is the Truth About Coronavirus and COVID-19?

Truth about COVID-19

I made this article after a video about Professor Dolores Cahill was shared and I watched it on Facebook. Cahill claimed to be an expert in microbiology and is telling people that wearing masks, lockdown and social distancing is not necessary. She and a group of others, calling the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Plandemic is telling people to go as is but at the same time embrace a better normal. Was this true at all?

Viral Video Debunked

The viral video has already been taken down on Facbeook, Youtube and other social media channels. It was also debunked in detail by in its article “Debunked: The viral video Plandemic makes a series of false claims about Covid-19.”

Let us take some point of the explanation:

  1. The Claim: “It’s very clear this virus was manipulated” | The Fact: The scientific consensus on Covid-19 is that it was not made or developed in a laboratory.
  2. The Claim: Hydroxychloroquine is “effective against these families of viruses” | The Fact: There is no scientific evidence to suggest it does, as of yet. Although studies are ongoing into its effectiveness, the likes of Dr Fauci in the US have advised against making it a standard in treatment for Covid-19.
  3. The Claim: Wearing the mask literally activates your own virus. You’re getting sick from your own reactivated coronavirus expressions. | The Fact: Some jurisdictions, such as Germany, are advising those who use public transport to wear a mask. For those who have the virus, wearing a mask can help prevent the spread to others. As the World Health Organization points out, masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Why is COVID-19 Dangerous?

I agree in some way from some articles including an article published by Environmentalist and former 2010 Philippine Presidential Candidate, Nicanor Perlas that the virus is not that deadly and we can literally survive it even without the masks and lockdowns.

Why do we need them then? The reality also points out that this virus is highly contagious. This means that if left uncheck it can infect vast number of people, make them sick and overwhelm our health system. Could you imagine what would be the effect of this scenario?

Surely many would recover and develop immunity but before that happens, we have to endure a scenario of catastrophic proportions. Plus, we have not factored out that the virus is continuously mutating and what if all of a sudden it mutated to a more dangerous one.

How to Check Reality of COVID-19 Claims

It is scary that misinformation are being easily shared online and we can led to believe that things are really better but it is not. Before sharing or believing anything it is very important to contemplate and FACT CHECK.

Look at where it’s coming from. Is it someone you know? Do they have a source for the information (e.g. the HSE website) or are they just saying that the information comes from someone they know? A lot of the false news being spread right now is from people claiming that messages from ‘a friend’ of theirs. Have a look at yourself – do a quick Google search and see if the information is being reported elsewhere.

Secondly, get the whole story, not just a headline. A lot of these messages have got vague information (“all the doctors at this hospital are panicking”) and don’t mention specific details. This is often – but not always a sign – that it may not be accurate.

For information you can check out the following:

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