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We continue to oppose GMO Rice

The Green Party of the Philippines joins other greens in our continued opposition to this GMO rice and other GMOs in food and agriculture. Its vitamin A supplementation is unnecessary as many types of local vegetables are already providing this in Filipino diets. The control of corporations over seeds of GMO crops that results from every GMO technology will dis-empower further our farmers and ultimately all consumers. Safety considerations are not the only issues that matter here, not that we trust the supposed "safety clearances" provided by other countries where GMOs have been feed to the public with unknown consequences. The country have more challenges to confront in pursuing 100% organic agriculture than make way for a questionable technology that will make the public guinea pigs. Join us oppose GMOs and push for organic agriculture. Join the Green Party or join our FB action groups:  PH Organic Agriculture and PH NO to GMOs

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Farmer-scientist group on GMO rice: Unnecessary, unwanted
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