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Let us not waste the next decade. Greens for climate actions!

This article further confirms what we have been saying about how serious the problem is. The answer to the question is simple, YES, we have. So we must not continue the same mistakes in the next 10 more years where we can still do something. Awareness is high, the science is behind us. Political action; both from the current governments and corporations are unfortunately mostly lip service and green washing. And this is where the gap is. The Green Party of the Philippines will always support all actions of citizens to take the matter in their own hands through reforestation, organic agriculture, change of lifestyles and consumer demands, but this may ultimately not be enough to do the scale that must be done to adopt to and mitigate this climate crisis. We must capture state power to channel substantial part of its resources to climate actions and to force corporations not just to comply with regulations but to shift their businesses and business practices to mitigate the root causes of climate change. For this, the country needs a national green political party. Join the Greens.

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10 years wasted? Losing precious time and ground to climate change

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