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Urban Edible Gardening Challenge

Grow Your Own Food Challenge

Grow an urban edible garden and win a prize! 🌿

The Institute for Policy, Strategy and Developmental Studies, Inc. and Kids Who Farm teamed up to launch the “Urban Edible Gardening Challenge” on June 15, 2020.

The project aims to equip and empower young Filipinos (18 to 24 years old) to take action and help address our country’s problems on food security and solid waste management.

So if you consider yourself a change-maker, we dare you to take the challenge!

This is going to be a fun, 4-week interactive online challenge where you can learn how to take action and contribute to the country’s Sustainable Development Goals. Imagine yourself being able to help prevent these problems from getting worse:

  • Over 13.8 million Filipinos are undernourished; • 40,000+ tons of solid waste generated from households annually*;
  • Spread of COVID19;

Get a chance to win P5,000 or be among the winners of another P5,000 worth of consolation prizes! But we can only accommodate up to 20 participants for this batch.

So sign up now and create an impact!


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