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UP students win international prize for eco-friendly cement

UP students win international prize for eco-friendly cement Philstar com

MANILA, Philippines — A group of civil engineering students from the University of the Philippines recently won an international competition for developing an environment-friendly concrete that uses recycled and locally sourced materials.

The Philippine entry, submitted by students Angelica Anne Munar, Ryan Christopher Ramelo, Paulo Santos and Alexis Declaro, won the first prize of the eco-concrete competition organized by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) in Canada last March 24, the university said in a post on its website on Thursday.

Instead of gravel and cement, the eco-concrete developed by the UP students used recycled materials such as fly ash and waste glass combined with pozzolanic tuff, a common type of porous rock found within and around the university campus in Quezon City.

“Rapid global urbanization boosts the demand for concrete at an unprecedented rate. This means that the environmental footprint of concrete production can no longer be ignored,” the university said in its description of the invention.

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