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The Post-Virus Economic Recovery Could Be a Green One

The Post-Virus Economic Recovery Could Be a Green One

The main concern should be to protect and restore nature. Remember that preserving the environment is not just about eliminating Carbon Emission, solar power, electric cars and more. It is about a lifestyle that coincide and provides mutual living with the natural environment. This news is good but it should be broader and more encompassing.

David D’Angelo, National Spokesperson – Green Party of the Philippines

The novel coronavirus has caused unprecedented social disruption and wreaked havoc in the markets. With the world coming apart at the seams, Helen Mountford, vice president for climate and economics at the World Resources Institute, thinks investment in clean technology and infrastructure could help put it back together again.

“We have a great opportunity now to transition more quickly,” says Mountford, a former official at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and an expert in how economic measures can be used to reduce climate risks. “This is a moment when we can implement measures to help boost the economy, create jobs, and build climate resilience.”

Governments around the world are implementing extreme measures as they struggle to contain the virus outbreak and its devastating consequences for the economy. So far these have included declaring states of emergency, shutting borders, and locking down entire countries. Once the pandemic abates, the recovery will require massive amounts of stimulus.

Read the article at Bloomberg Green

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