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The Lessons of Philippine Typhoons and What to Do After

We should learn from all the typhoon that passes by our country and change the stance from reactive to preventive. Here are some of my suggestions. (This was originally published in my Facebook page)

  1. Launch a nationwide Barangay level disaster risk assessment.
  2. Create a strong and functional nationwide barangay level disaster risk reduction response team especially in the most risk-prone areas.
  3. NHA should create designs and educational measures to strategize the creation of typhoon resilient homes with assistance from the national government.
  4. Nationwide assessment of dam procedures and launch research and development on how to effectively prevent and mitigate flooding caused by the water release of dams.
  5. Launch a national reforestation program to rehabilitate mountains in order for them to absorb more water and prevent landslides.
  6. Launch nationwide barangay level citizens education about disaster response and preparedness.
  7. Include in the education curriculum disaster preparedness and response.

These are just some of the ideas I have thought about. I am a bit tired of these repeated tragedies among our fellow Filipinos. Let us act now and be prepared and resilient. We need to adapt to nature because nature will not adapt to us.

Ignorance of Nature

The link between denuded mountains and the flooding is continuously being ignored. We should stop blaming people and politicians for this and instead start doing something.

Do you have proposed solutions to this persisting problem in our country? Let us know in the comments.

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