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Stop China from Destroying the Philippines!

Stop China from Destroying the Philippines

The recent article at is a shocking revelation for me, though it is not the first time. The current governor of Zambales alleged that China flattened entire mountains to make Scarborough Shoal.

China is Destroying the Philippines

Zambales Governor Amor Deloso has claimed that the Chinese are excavating mountains for material to shore up Scarborough Shoal.

Gov. Amor Deloso, Zambales

This is not the first time of a report like this. There was, in fact, a piece of news where China bought or wanted to buy 3 islands for their gambling or POGO operation. I suppose that it is not the only reason that they want to buy those islands.

China will also be the country behind the making and implementation of the Kaliwa Dam Project. This is a massive infrastructure project with a massive financial obligation to the country. The citizens of the country will be the ones paying for the loans and the interest that goes with it.

China, the Chinese government and even people from mainland China excluding Filipino-Chinese does not care about the Philippines. They see all of us as monkeys. Why? Well, that is simply because we have no balls to stand against them.

We Must Act Now!

We must act now and stop this rape of our country. They are destroying our patrimony and our environment. We must not let things like this continue. If we cannot stand up to China, then how can other countries respect us?

What do you think? What must we do? Share your views by commenting below.

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