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Should we consider Nuclear Power Now?


If there is one immediate impending energy crisis it would be the fact that the Malampaya Gas reserve which powers about 40% of power in Luzon will be depleted by 2024. [Source]. This is perhaps the reason why President Rodrigo Duterte signed an agreement with President Vladimir Putin of Russia to explore the possibility of using Nuclear Energy. The main question is should we consider Nuclear Power now?

Are We Ready to Go Nuclear?

The specially-made ship with a nuclear power plant on-board will provide energy, heat and drinking water to relatively inaccessible areas of the vast country.

As of today and perhaps for a couple of years the quick answer would be NO. We are not yet ready simply because we lack the laws, the manpower, the capability and the infrastructure for it.

Two of the biggest issues that we will also face in case we will go for Nuclear Power are:

  1. Where would we dump all the nuclear waste; and
  2. How would we protect Nuclear Power Plans in times of natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes?

Our Hydro Dams are already causing disasters whenever there is a typhoon and thousands of people are already suffering from severe flooding. Now, if we consider Nuclear Power how would we ensure that any danger can be contained and prevented?

Alternative Sources of Energy

It is without a doubt that nuclear energy will provide the biggest energy output among most of the current sources of energy. However, such a power source will also have the greatest risk in case of any disaster or malfunction.

Current nuclear power technology have zero-emission of green house gases and therefore it can be tag as a renewable energy and green. The question however relies on the fact that there are nuclear wastes from these plants which cannot be easily disposed of which personally for me makes this choice not so green after all.

For the Philippines, it is easier to explore Solar Power as one of the main choices for a renewable energy revolution. The main problem here, however, is that current technology requires large areas of land to be used if the aim is to generate enough power for commercial and residential use.

What if, each house can be given or be required to install Solar Generation in their homes and that will be their main source of electricity? Would it work? I think it would but surely, this would be detrimental to the interest of companies like Meralco.

What do you think of the issue? Should we go for Nuclear Power or is there another way? Share your views in the comment section.


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