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GPP Kalikasan Muna (Green Party of the Philippines) supports the bi-monthly talk show and live stream of Pro Earth Crusaders dubbed as Pro Earth Chats. We believe that initiatives like this deserve the full support to continue informing the public and inspiring people to do relevant and meaningful action.

Pro Earth Crusaders’ page intends to promote pro-environment posts aimed at engaging other netizens towards individual and collective action to protect Mother Earth.

#ProEarthChats Episode 18

ProEarthChats Episode 18 features two cyclists who will articulate on the topic: “CYCLING: Beyond Sports, Leisure and Fad”. Watch this interesting live online video podcast, listen to their stories and narratives, and appreciate their concern for Mother Earth and the cycling hobby they chose.

JUNE TUPAS: A veteran cyclist who has countless mileage under his belt. A master of routes and knows the biking conditions in Metro Manila like the palm of his hands. He presently rides a foldable bike and takes special pleasure in leading his fellow bikers through narrow alleys (shortcuts between villages in Parañaque City) which he calls “Butas ng Karayum” and considers it the true test of biking skill. Due to his career experience, Biker June is best known as the “Sultan of Safety” because of his strict adherence to road safety for all bikers. He is the de facto leader, biking coach, route guide and planner, and bike maintenance guru for a band of bikers in Paranaque City. June is a holder of a Fine Arts (Commercial Arts) degree from the University of Sto. Tomas.

PAIGE IMPERIAL: Started biking only this year but could hardly be called a “newbie” since she could, at present, give the better cyclists a run for their money. She is indeed a super fast learner and has an unquenchable thirst for more biking-related knowledge and information. In only a few months of biking, she already earned herself the reputation of being “kaskasera” and can never be restrained by mandated village speed limits. People say that if you cannot perform, “japorm”… but she is always an elegantly suited biker who can perform and “japorm” at the same time… looking good is her mantra. Biker Paige is a very amiable and jolly good person who loves being called “Darna”. She has an AB Management Economics degree from the Ateneo de Manila University.

The Host: ANTON ANTONIO is the founder of a social media pro-environment advocacy group, the Pro-EARTH Crusaders, and is also an avid cycling enthusiast. He holds a Master of Environment and Natural

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