Pretty Phone Cases Made From Plants and Are 100% Biodegradable

Environment-conscious Filipinos will be happy to hear about Coast PH, a local brand that makes sustainable phone cases and tech accessories. Just take a look at these pretty aesthetics!

These phone cases are thick and they certainly feel durable. Aside from the variety of pretty colors the cases come in, they also have a nice matte texture that feels good in your hands. With this good design, can you believe that these phone cases are plant-based? Amazing!

Yes. These Coast PH phone cases are made entirely from plants, such as bamboo and wheat materials. They are 100% environmentally friendly, and the perfect alternative to plastic phone cases. Once you are done with your Coast PH case, you can simply throw it in a compost bin, and the case will eventually decompose. Absolutely zero-waste. Alternatively, you can also give your used Coast PH case back to them, and they will compost it for you.


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