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Look Photos Show Rare sight of the Sierra Madre

These Photos Show a Rare Sight of the Sierra Madre, Thanks to Clean Air

The Enhance Community Quarantine in Luzon which imposes a lockdown, stoppage of work and transportation is really something that we all want to end. However, this turn of events also made our environment to take a much needed breath. In fact, pollution has subsided and nature can be seen in all its beauty once again. Take a look at these photos of the Sierra Madre which would not be possible if not for the lockdown.

While Metro Manila is at a standstill because of the 30-day community quarantine, nature seems to be healing itself from air pollution. In these photos taken by Johair Siscar Addang, we are treated to a rare sight: a smog-free horizon featuring Metro Manila’s skyline with the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in the background.

The peaceful and serene photos are a much-needed respite from the prolonged period of uncertainty we are facing. According to Addang, he took the photos from the roof deck of a condo in Pasig at 5:19 p.m. on March 23 just before sunset.

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