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Greens calls on the President and Congress to investigate the national reforestation program

Failing 80% of the target is not just operational limitations; as the COA report tries to objectively present in this report. It is clearly incompetence and possibly driven by graft.

Another way we can put it is that we wasted 80% of 38.9B PhP reforesting only 177,441 hectares of the 1.5M hectares in the past 5 years.

In the time we are struggling with the climate emergency this is totally unacceptable.

The COA report explains the operational challenges. It does not explain the motivation for failure.

The Green Party of the Philippines calls on the Sandiganbayan to investigate possible liability of key DENR officials for this failure. We also call on all citizens group who may have knowledge of any graft and corrupt practices related to the NGP to come out and share their information to investigating authorities. Finally, we call on the President to provide political leadership in this investigation and to review the 2020 proposed budget for the NGP taking into account the need to remedy first all the problems identified by the COA report before any amount of new budget is approved for the NGP.

We ask the continued vigilance of everyone in this issue as this will affect us now and our future in the face of the impacts of the climate emergency. The emerging Green Party calls for the increase to 70% of our forest cover in our major islands within the next decade and a 177T hectare for 5 year incompetence is simply unacceptable. The calls of the times demand better.

Please join us to vigilantly oversee that these things happen and to do our part in improving the NGP and our other reforestation efforts. Join the Green Party or join our PH Reforestation FB Action Group

Read the original article here:

Gov't reforestation program failed to meet 80% of its targets – COA

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