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Green Rating-Green Covenant to Select and Support Green Candidates in 2019

For Immediate Release | 9 November 2018

Kilusang Luntian, a national political green movement in 9 regions nationwide is launching its Green Rating- Green Covenant Campaign for the 2019 mid-term elections by the end of November 2018 to select the top “green” senatoriables and top “green” party list candidates that will satisfy at least 60% of the required commitments in terms of governance platform and demonstrated track record on the Green (Luntian) Agenda. After the green rating and selection, the process will lead to endorsements and tactical support for electoral campaign in the 2019 elections.

The selection process will be done through a system of peoples primary electoral colleges to be organized in majority of all provinces in the regions where the Kilusang Luntian has an active formation. These electoral colleges will represent a sufficient sample size of potential voters who are most likely voting a candidate base on his/her “green agenda”.

These “25-Year Green (Luntian) Agenda” being promoted by the Kilusang Luntian in this campaign includes: a) national moratorium on mining, b) swift shift to renewable energy, c) national ban on plastics in packaging of consumer products, d) forest restoration and conservation of 50% land area of major islands, e) shift to federal form of government resulting to more local control and management of natural resources and critical ecosystems, f) electric mass transportation built upon state support to small public transport operators, g) shift to 100% organic agriculture and sustainable fishing practices and conservation h) expanding contiguous national protected areas system for biodiversity conservation, i) full protection and state support to the sustainable self governance of the Bangsamoro, Cordillera and Indigenous Peoples , and j) bring justice to environmental rights defenders killed.

Following the Green Rating is inviting the selected “Green Candidates” to a Green Covenant between them and Kilusang Luntian that will entail: a) endorsement and support in electoral campaigning during election and in post elections; if these candidates will win, b) implementation partnerships and c) an independent twice a year public performance monitoring based the green agenda they have committed themselves to implement.

This campaign will complement the electoral campaigns of local independent candidates running in various positions who are members and supporters of the Kilusang Luntian and carrying the green agenda.

These “Green Candidates” will be featured in a series of public presentations during the weekly Kapehang Luntian starting January 2019 every fridays from 3pm to 5pm at Coconut House inside Quezon Memorial Circle and online at the Kilusang Luntian Youtube channel.

This campaign is coordinated by the Luntian Center for Environmental Governance, Inc.
For more information, please contact:
Roy Cabonegro, President
Luntian Center
Mobile Phone : 09152708776

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