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Green Philippines Calls for the Protection and Sustainable Use of the Benham Rise

Kilusang Luntian Calls for the Protection and Sustainable Use of the Benham Rise

Press Statement | For Immediate Release
​| May 16 2017 1:30 pm

As such we also support the proposal the government establishes a research facility to do continuous research on the ecology and natural resources of this new 13-million hectare territory of the country. We also support the proposal to establish & enforce policies on marine conservation and against over fishing and over extraction of natural resources including the imposition of close and open fishing season to ensure sustainability of the natural resources here.

We support the DA’s position that the sustainable use and conservation of these renewable resources must take priority over the option of instead focusing on the exploitation of its potential finite resources like oil and gas reserves would be a more sustainable option.

Considering the challenges of the early onset of negative impacts of climate change to our island nation; including the challenge to our food security, it is crucial that we beef up our access and control over sustainable sources of food supply such as from the Benham Rise.

As the competition for oil and gas often leads countries to contend each other in heated face off, Kilusang Luntian recognizes that pushing for the Benham Rise as a common natural heritage to conserve and protect marine resources in this region of the world might be a better way to deal with the diplomatic challenges confronting the Philippines as we prepare to assert and maintain our right over the Benham Rise. We recommend that appropriate part of the Benham Rise be declared a MARINE PROTECTED AREA.

For more information:
Para sa karagdagang impormasyon:

Roy Cabonegro
| Executive Director – Luntian Center for Environmental Governance acting as Secretariat for Kilusang Luntian
| email: | mobile phone 0977 8276374

(*) Translation from English to Filipino (Tagalog) was done by Mr. Greg Bituin Jr.

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