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Green Party of the Philippines supports Global Seaviors Program 2020

Global Seaviors Program 2020

GPP-KALIKASAN MUNA is committed to “BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION IN SUSTAINABLE HABITATS,” which forms the core part of our party principle as AGENDA 3.

“AGENDA 3 : Biodiversity Conservation in Sustainable Habitats that requires management and use of land, freshwater, wetlands, coastal, marine & other ecosystems be along with ecological parameters, with soil, flora & fauna protected from degradation & exploitation & all-natural resources protected from overutilization; and that rehabilitation, expansion, and consolidation through biodiversity corridors of all watersheds and protected areas be prioritized with a substantial subsidy from government.”

With this, we are committed to supporting the Global Seaviors Program 2020. We believe that this program will empower their 541 DELEGATES to be not only advocates but actual movers of change.

Party Members as Seavior Delegates

David D’Angelo, GPP-KALIKASAN MUNA National President is one of the 28 Ambassadors and Ambassadresses from different countries and cities for GLOBAL SEAVIORS PROGRAM 2020.

Green Party of the Philippines (GPP-KALIKASAN MUNA) members will be participating also as delegates to the Global Seaviors Program 2020. Among the participants are:

  1. AJ Villacorte, Kabataan para sa Kalikasan Officer
  2. John Leonard Avenido, Kabataan para sa Kalikasan Officer and Convenor for Lapu-Lapu City (Cebu)
  3. David D”Angelo Jr., Kabataan para sa Kalikasan Officer and Convenor for Valenzuela City
  4. Joseph Ramos, National Council Sectoral Convenor for LGBTQIA+

Good luck and let us work together for a better future.

Global Seaviors Program 2020 Begins September 13

The first session starts September 13, 2020 and will continue for 3 weeks.

📍 Week 1 Session |September 13, 2020:
Introduction to Marine Conservation

📍 Week 2 Session | September 20, 2020:
Skills and Capacity-Building for Environmental Advocates

📍 Week 3 | September 27, 2020:
Earthly Realizations

Every after the Sunday sessions, participants will be given a Certificate of Attendance. Further, if they were able to COMPLETE all three (3) Online Sessions, they will be included in a Virtual Completion Ceremony Rights as a CERTIFIED GLOBAL SEAVIOR! 🐳

Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW Global Seavors at:
📍 Global Seaviors

With our growing community, together, FOR OUR SEAS. 💙💙💙

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