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Green Party of the Philippines files COMELEC Petition to join May 2022 elections

Green Party of the Philippines files COMELEC Petition to join May 2022 elections

GPP Kalikasan Muna (Green Party of the Philippines) officially filed with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) on Tuesday, March 30, 2021 a petition to be recognized as a political party and join the May 2022 elections for party list.

Green Party of the Philippines Files Despite Pandemic Hurdles

Compilation of documents, affidavits and other needed documents required by the COMELEC for the filing of the petition had not been easy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact the biggest difficulty was the submission of documents which came at the time of the reinforced Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the Metro Manila Plus Bubble.

Looking for an open courier, payment of the filing fee was very difficult due to the limitation in movement. We are lucky that members of the party contributed and we managed to get a Cashier’s Check to finally settle the payment. We used JRS Express to submit our documents and informed the COMELEC via email,” said David D’Angelo, President and 1st Nominee of GPP Kalikasan Muna (Green Party of the Philippines).

The COMELEC petition was officially submitted as of the date of the receipt of the document by the courier service. “We are now praying and hoping that the COMELEC will allow us to participate so that we can push for environmental policies for our country and our people” D’Angelo added.

17 Years in the Making

It took 17 years for an emerging green party in the Philippines to finally file a COMELEC petition to participate in national elections. The current GPP Kalikasan Muna (Green Party of the Philippines) traces its roots from the initial party building in 2003 through Partido Kalikasan or PK. PK even supported the candidacy of then environmentalist Nicanor Perlas for President.

Through various changes and reorganization PK then became Partido Luntian and then Green Philippines (Aksyon Kalikasan) until it was named GPP Kalikasan Muna (Green Party of the Philippines) in April 2020.

It is about time that we have a representative in the Congress that advocates for the environment, Kalikasan Muna, Ngayon Na! The only party-list group that advocates Environmental Protection while addressing the needs of our marginalized sector.,” says Ryan Deuz Luzande, GPP Kalikasan Muna Auditor, and 2nd nominee.

GPP Kalikasan Muna (Green Party of the Philippines) has chapters across all the 17 regions in the Philippines and in 10 of the 16 cities and 1 municipality of the National Capital Region where it is registering as a Regional Political Party.

For those who want to join the emerging green party you can visit

For press inquiries, please contact David D’Angelo at

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