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Green Party of the Philippines Affirms Solidarity to AKO ANG BUKAS QUANTUM LEAP NOW: PH Climate Neutrality 2050 Campaign

AKO ANG BUKAS - Quantum Leap NOW: Climate Neutrality 2050

Climate Action is among the top priorities of the 10-Point Green Agenda of GPP Kalikasan Muna (Green Party of the Philippines) and for this reason we affirm our solidarity and commitment to AKO ANG BUKAS, QUANTUM LEAP NOW: PH Climate Neutrality 2050 Campaign.


AKO ANG BUKAS is a Philippine environmental movement whose central campaign, “Quantum Leap NOW: Climate Neutrality 2050,” seeks to involve all sectors and levels of society nationwide in taking urgent, concerted action to address the climate crisis facing the country and the world. Specifically, it aims to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions while increasing its sinks and drawdowns, to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

This will be the Philippines’ contribution to the global effort to keep the rise in earth temperature within the 1.5°C limit set by climate scientists, beyond which climate change and its worst effects are predicted to become irreversible, putting humanity in real danger of extinction.

AKO ANG BUKAS conveys the meaning, “the future depends on me.” It acknowledges a personal accountability and responsibility for what tomorrow will bring as a result of one’s actions today. The movement begins from ‘oneself’ (ako) – one’s inner conviction and commitment– and radiates to family, community, the whole country and, eventually, the world. Hopefully, it will generate a collective force that will save humanity from itself.

To make the Philippines CLIMATE NEUTRAL no later than 2050 in line with global targets. See Less

Sign the commitment for a Climate Neutral Philippines

If you or your organization wants to commit as well for AKO ANG BUKAS just visit this link, and join the movement for a better and greener tomorrow.

You can visit the AKO ANG BUKAS Facebook page or click this link to know more about the movement,

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