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Green News: New Report Uncovering Total Energies’ Mistreatment of Graves

In the report, “As If Nothing Is Sacred: TotalEnergies’ Mistreatment of Graves Along EACOP”, GreenFaith found that TotalEnergies, has caused damages in the relocation of 2,000 graves, which are being displaced to make way for the 1,443-km underground pipeline.

Total has displayed a profound disrespect for the cultural and religious burial customs of the affected communities – even ignoring and consciously risking damaging graves during construction, despite persistent and pleading warnings from local community members.

As people of faith from diverse religions, we condemn this inhumanity and are determined not to allow Total’s degrading and immoral practices and actions to go unanswered. Total is not even living up to their own stated values of safety and respect for others–a minimum standard for our shared humanity and dignity. We hold them accountable for their disrespect and inhumane practices.

As people of faith, we are calling on Total to:

  • Reimburse local communities where financial losses have been incurred due to inadequate project provisions;
  • Relocate all unmarked graves, with ceremonial assistance; and
  • Stop the EACOP project.

Right now, you can help: Send a letter to President Hassan and President Museveni of Tanzania and Uganda right now, calling on them to stop the EACOP project.

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