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Germany’s Green Party Celebrates 40 Years


On behalf of the upcoming Green Party of the Philippines, I would like to congratulate Germany’s green party on its 40th Anniversary.

This shows that the local Greens in the Philippines has much to learn from our counterpart in Germany. Our own initiative started in 2003 and still continues to this day. We hope to be an officially registered and recognized national political party ready for the 2020 National and Local Elections.

Our resolve is clear to push for the 10-Point Green Agenda and be the voice of various environmental and green groups in the Philippines by being a channel for them. To do this like the German greens we need the support of the public. We need you.

If you want to be part of the change for a better and greener Philippines, become a party member today.

Read the full news, “Germany’s Green party riding wave of popularity.”

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