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First Quarantine Storm

First Quarantine Storm

(Note: A statement to my fellow native tree enthusiasts on fb throughout the country – Daniel Farmer Conejar | Visayas Native Tree Enthusiasts Group)

“Activism is my rent for living on the planet.”

Alice Walker

Our enthusiasm for native trees and dislike for alien species as an expression of protest must instill in us the love for our nation to flourish without any undue foreign intervention.

It would be disheartening to know we remain snugly in our world of native trees when the nation is beset once again by repressive laws by no other than those who are sworn to protect us – reminiscing eerie. Our basic human rights to express freely our thoughts and aspiration and our flight to rise up as a free nation is once again put to the test.

Our younger generation, our children our hope for the nation and to whom we dedicate our love for native trees are first on the streets with raised fists to demonstrate defiance and resistance. We have a type of leadership that subverts our morality and longing for peace by taking on brutality as a vital element of discipline and a subservient policy by surrendering our sovereignty to a foreign government.

What more power the government needs when it has already demonstrated how it terrorized the nation with nearly 30,000 deaths on drug war and more deaths caused by its anemic response to the pandemic!?

Instead of seriously taking on contingencies – marked with urgency – to improve our health system, transportation grind, delivery of welfare services, due compensation for fallen frontliners, ideal mode of learning for our children and rehabilitation of the environment, we are left in limbo on the possible resurgence of covid more potent than before!

What a display of insensitivity! What an irony on quarantine protocols when our government knows once it passes the controversial laws, people will assemble and flock in the streets to protest. A government that foments unrest is not a government that listens to its people but to the dictate of its avarice.

We have a sociopathic government that thrives on chaos and malady of its citizenry. Filling their pockets of welfare assistance, favoring aliens on health treatment and gambling operation, acquiescing to foreign on health interventions, and finally putting the onus of surviving the pandemic on our own is the order of the day – we have to live with disgust and contempt.

As we enjoin everyone to participate in any mode of protest, we believe our human spirit can rise above our frustration so we become the best in what we commit to partake in building a sustainable society.

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