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Elements of an Environmental Advocacy Campaign

Elements of an Environmental Advocacy Campaign

Environmental advocacy, like any other goal and objective, must have a functional plan. This campaign plan can be likened to a management plan with the following elements:

  • An outline that would highlight the project’s objectives and goals;
  • A list of tasks and actions to achieve the goals and objectives;
  • Descriptions of the specific roles and time commitments of participants involved in the project;
  • Procedures to recruit and train participants;
  • Procedures to acquire and maintain equipment;
  • A timeline for various stages of the project to measure accomplishment;
  • A process to handle possible project modifications and re-calibration of plans;
  • Contingency measures to deal with unforeseen changes in the overall plan;
  • Consideration of the project’s broader impacts; and,
  • Consideration for expansion.

These are the vital elements of an environmental advocacy campaign.

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