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Coca-Cola starts move towards sustainability in packaging

Coca-Cola starts move towards sustainability in packaging

The recent announcement of Coca-Cola of the change in packaging of their iconic Sprite drink is largely being published as a move towards sustainability. The company argues that the new clear bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic and is a move to reducing waste.

Aksyon Kalikasan – Green Party of the Philippines sees this as a band aid solution to the increasing problem of plastic waste. Though it is a laudable move by the company, we should remember that Coca-Cola is also producing other products which could also use the same method of packaging.

We are also not perfectly sure that most of these used plastics will be recycled as there is no detailed process of getting the palstics from the consumers and garbage stations.

We recognize the efforts of Coca-Cola in trying to move to sustainability including their global vision of World Without Waste and their announcement of investing in the largest state-of-the-eart botle-to-bottle recycling facility.

As a policy recommendation, Aksyon Kalikasan – Green Party of the Philippines, proposes a nationwide total ban on single use plastics.

Read the related news article, “Sprite switches ‘iconic’ green plastic bottle to clear packaging to help boost packaging recyclability and sustainability.”

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