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Climate Displaced Communities Need Urgent Climate Action

Climate Displaced Communities Need Urgent Climate Action

The current Climate Crisis is placing more and more communities vulnerable to the effects of climate change including rising sea levels and unprecedented events.

The Green Party of the Philippines joins Amnesty International in calling for urgent climate action for such communities like the one that happened in “El Bosque”, in México last November 1, 2023. The community was impacted by a tidal wave that almost destroyed what was left of it. Unfortunately, this is one of the examples of the most marginalized groups in the Global South that bear the brunt of the climate crisis without causing it.

Since 2019, El Bosque has lost around 200 m of coastline (and with it, more than 60 houses and critical infrastructure) due to the rise of the sea level. This urgent action seeks to pressure the Mexican State to expedite the relocation process promised to the community in April 2023, and to address the humanitarian crisis that its inhabitants are experiencing:

In the urgent action, we highlight the inaction of the Mexican state in phasing out fossil fuels as the root cause of the climate crisis:

“Under international human rights law, the Mexican State must adopt measures to protect, prevent, and reduce the risks, losses, and damages caused by the foreseeable and unforeseeable consequences of climate change. The development of robust mitigation and adaptation measures could reduce the number of people forced to move due to the consequences of climate change and prevent the aggravation of losses and damages generated by the climate emergency. Unfortunately, the Mexican government has chosen to continue increasing oil production, instead of generating solid commitments for a just energy transition to comply with the commitments made in the Paris Agreement”

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