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Climate Crisis Might Be Causing New Novel Viruses


An expert is saying that the Novel Corona Virus spreading from Wuhan, China has the potential to be 10 times more dangerous than SARS and HSN1. We cannot deny that although there is no published direct association with the changing climate, it can be perceived that more mutated and new viruses are emerging.

“Conservative estimates suggest that the scale of infection may eventually be 10 times higher than SARS,” Dr. Guan, director of the State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of Hong Kong, told China’s Caixin media group Thursday. Dr. Guan spent two days this week in Wuhan,

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is spreading rapidly across Wuhan and there are already reports of the sickness being present outside of the city. There are also reports of cases in Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United States, and even the Philippines.

As climate changes, we should expect species to mutate and this includes viruses and bacteria. With new types of viruses, it means they might also be immune to current prevention and control.

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