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Climate Change is Real!


Most of the time if you post articles in social media about Climate Change there are those that will tell me or comment that this is just a scheme of people who wants to earn from renewable energy. They would say it is all a hoax.

Here is a piece of shocking and factual news that proves that indeed climate change is for real. Never in the history of man has this place been at such a high temperature ever. It is the first time that this place is experiencing temperate weather.

Antarctica experienced its hottest day on record earlier this month, peaking at 64.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Los Angeles measured the same temperature that day, NASA said.

NASA via

Imagine that high temperature in Antarctica which is equivalent to 18.28 degrees Celcius. That is a temperature higher than what is usually experienced in Baguio City. This is very alarming and if it continues the consequences will surely be catastrophic.

“I haven’t seen melt ponds develop this quickly in Antarctica. You see these kinds of melt events in Alaska and Greenland, but not usually in Antarctica.”

Mauri Pelto, a geologist at Nichols College in Massachusetts, told NASA’s Earth Observatory.

Is Climate Change a hoax? Well, it is up to you to decide.

Read the Full Article about the Antarctica Heat Wave.

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