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Can Mayors Save the Philippines’ Coasts?

Can a common agenda inspire all 900+ of the Philippines’ coastal mayors to commit to protecting the people and their precious resources — before it’s too late?

Melissa Wright, Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Environment Team

Mayor Alfredo Matugas Coro II of Del Carmen in the eastern Philippines is a coastal mayor whose life and constituency are anchored to the sea and Rocky Sanchez Tirona spearheads Rare’s initiative to revitalize the Philippines’ marine life and the dependent coastal communities. As part of Bloomberg Philanthropies Vibrant Oceans Initiative, they have worked together for the last five years to protect Filipino coastal waters and the people that depend on them. This partnership is an embodiment of Rare’s mission to empower local leaders and build local solutions to coastal overfishing.

Mayor Coro and Rocky were together at the 2019 National Coastal Fisheries Summit, held in Cebu City, Philippines which brought together hundreds of mayors from across the country, the first convening of its kind in ten years. Over the course of the summit mayors, government officials, NGO staff, and others discussed a wide-range of issues coastal fisheries are coping with including: managing resources sustainably, collecting data, safeguarding local communities’ rights, stopping illegal fishing, mobilizing funds for coastal fisheries, and building the climate resilience of coastal communities.

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