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Aksyon Kalikasan TV – Episode 5

Aksyon Kalikasan TV - Episode 5

Welcome to the 5th Episode of AKSYON KALIKASAN TV on VG8 Radio. The show is produced by Red Cloud Interactive together with Aksyon Kalikasan (Eco Actions PH) and Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD).

  • TITLE: Aksyon Kalikasan Episode 5
  • DATE: January 9, 2020
    1. Kaliwa Dam
    2. Atimonan Coal-Fired Power Plant
    3. Why we need to have greens elected in government?
    4. Green Party of the Philippines
    5. Climate Crisis and Bush Fires in Australia
    6. Environmental Songs by Senior High School Students

This episode is aired from a different location because of the holiday season and VG8 Radio studio will not be available during the timeslot that we have. We tried out a few things so please excuse some technical issues.

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