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7 Simple Steps to Become a Green Advocate

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How do I become a Green Advocate? This is one of the questions that haunt me on a daily basis. To be honest, I use sachets most of the time, I consume products in PET bottles and in plastics, and I do not segregate waste. How will I become a proper representation of the party? Well, do not judge me yet because I have plans of changing all of this.

How to Start Becoming a Green Advocate

Change is a hards process especially if the community around you is not even green. There are policies but these policies are not properly implemented. So, here is what I plan to do starting in 2020.

Bring a Reusable Eco Bag when Shopping
How to Start Becoming a Green Advocate

Plastic bags from shopping is one of the most common waste that we throw away. If I bring a reusable eco bag regularly when I shop then it will greatly reduce waste plastics and also waste paper bags. It will also be helpful if I will always carry with me such a bag so that whenever I decide to buy something wrapping it is no longer necessary.

What about fish and other wet goods from the market? Well, you can always ask the seller to wrap them in paper bags or put them in a bayong. Remember the local reusable bag back then. I will definitely opt for paper bags on this one before putting it on my eco bag.

Bring a Drinking Cup Always

Whenever I consume something from a fast-food chain or even from Starbucks, etc, they always give me single-use disposable plastic. I already asked a friend and it is possible to actually bring your own cup and ask them to fill it out instead of using their plastic cups. You can bring your reusable Starbucks cup always or anything for that matter and ask them to fill it up with hot or cold drinks as long as it is fit for it.

Start a Garden

Wherever you are in the city you can start a garden. It is possible. So, I am planning to start a garden not of ornamental plants but of medicinal and fruit-bearing plants or vegetables which can be consumed. It is easy to plant them at home just in a garden pot.

My kids will surely scold me because most of the time cats are attracted to these pots and they usually poop there but nonetheless, I will still pursue this.

Learn Waste Segregation
How to Start Becoming a Green Advocate

Do you know why I am finding it hard to segregate wastes? Because there is no easy way to do this and the foul smell of biodegradable materials when it does file up at home is unbearable. Probably what I can do it in conjunction with the garden I will be doing, I can throw in some of the biodegradable and food waste in the pots and make them good fertilizers for them.

I just do hope that the cats will not really make a mess when I do this.

Consume More Organic

It can be expensive but consuming more organic food is healthier and also more environmentally friendly. I can start with buying organic brown rice and muscovado sugar for starters. Buy more locally produced coffee instead of relying on the 3-in-1 sachets produced by Great Taste, Nestle and the likes. Organic coffee is healthier and gives you the true satisfaction and benefits of drinking coffee.

I will also strive to find more organic products for daily consumption so that I can also promote them and encourage people to do the same.

Simple Everyday Tasks to Save the Planet

Consume Less Water and Electricity

How to Start Becoming a Green Advocate

Remember that water and electricity are already scarce. The more water we use the harder it would be for dams to fill. The more electricity we use the more fossil fuel will be burned. There are simple things you can do to save like turning them off properly and when not in use.

Don’t Litter and Throw Trash Properly

Littering is one of our problems in the country. Even if there are garbage bins you can still see trash everywhere. Even in public places like parks, malls, etc, people just throw things anywhere they like. Start disciplining ourselves to throw garbage properly and in the right disposal bin.

Become a Green Advocate and Choose Green

I always believe that individual change is important but if we want to really make a difference and contribute to the planet we need to influence more people. Become a green advocate and start voting green.

This is the reason why I have joined Aksyon Kalikasan – Green Party of the Philippines. We need proper implementation of existing laws and more legislation that will push green policies and green agenda into the country. (Click here to join the green party)

Let us welcome 2020 by becoming part of the solution towards a Green Philippines.

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