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GPP Kalikasan Muna Nominations for the Philippine 2022 Elections


  1. Submit a nomination letter by downloading the sample letter and inception plan.
  2. Fill out an online nomination form and upload necessary documents as required.

For details on the nomination process, timeline and needed documents please read the Selection Committee Inception Plan below.


RATIONALE:  The Green Party of the Philippines or GPP Kalikasan Muna has decided to go beyond the usual environmental advocacy initiatives by participating in the scheduled electoral process in 2022. GPP Kalikasan Muna strongly believes that involvement in the actual crafting of important pro-environment legislations should be the next order for the Party.  Towards this end, the GPP Kalikasan Muna has formed a Selection Committee to process the formal and legal procedures of selection of candidate(s) as official representative(s) of the Party.

FORMATION OF THE SELECTION COMMITTEE:  In an online meeting of the GPP Kalikasan Muna National Council last February 14, 2021, the Party decided to form a Selection Committee which shall be tasked to prepare concrete policies, measures and procedures for the proper selection of the Party’s Nominees for submission to the Commission on Elections. The aim of forming a selection panel is to get together the most appropriate individuals who could bring certain skills and knowledge to the selection process which will help best determine the candidate/s as the official representative/s of the party. The Selection Committee shall be “ad hoc” in nature. After the selection process is accomplished and all necessary reportorial requirements are submitted to the President, the Selection Committee shall cease to exist.

MEMBERS OF THE SELECTION COMMITTEE: In the same meeting last February 14, 2021, the following were appointed members of the Selection Committee, therefore: Nash Kusain; Jeph Ramos; and, Anton Antonio. The three (3) members of the Selection Committee shall chose, from among themselves, who will be the Chairman for the Committee. On “seniority” considerations, Anton Antonio was designated as Chairman by the other two (2) Committee Members, Jeph Ramos and Nash Kusain.

PRIMARY PURPOSE OF CREATING A SELECTION COMMITTEE: The primary purpose of the creation of the Selection Committee is to facilitate a methodical, credible and transparent selection process in the nomination of GPP Kalikasan Muna Nominees. To achieve this, this Inception Plan was drawn up by the Selection Committee.

SECONDARY PURPOSE OF CREATING A SELECTION COMMITTEE: Selecting the Nominees and Representatives of GPP Kalikasan Muna should be considered a new and novel undertaking. The secondary purpose of the creation of the Selection Committee therefore is to chronicle the proceedings and use such document/s to craft Selection guidelines for related activities in the future.

QUALIFICATIONS OF SELECTION COMMITTEE MEMBERS: The Selection Committee is composed of: (1) Respectable members of the Organization; (2) Bona fide members of the Organization; (3) Individuals with established Environmental Advocacies; (4) Influencers in their respective fields of endeavour; and, (5) Individuals with high ethical standards and functional moral compasses.

EXPECTATIONS OF THE SELECTION COMMITTEE: In the formation of the Selection Committee, it is important to consider that the individual strengths and capabilities of the members of the Committee are in tune with desired objectives of the Organization in general and the Selection Committee in particular. They should exercise open-mindedness in the process of selection without bias or favor to any particular Nominee or Nominator.  They should have knowledge and/or information on the functions of the Commission on Elections. They also must have a clear understanding of their roles, duties and responsibilities as members of the Selection Committee. The selection process starts with the crafting of this Inception Plan.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SELECTION COMMITTEE: The basic duty and responsibility of the Selection Committee is to process and select to the best of their abilities the best five (5) Nominees to represent GPP Kalikasan Muna without fear, favour or purpose of evasion. The Members of the Selection Committee are duty-bound to make sure that the entire selection process is fair, transparent and to the best interest of the Organization.

OBJECTIVES OF THE SELECTION COMMITTEE:  The Selection Committee aims to:

  1. Come up with an Inception Plan as initial guideline in the conduct of the first ever nomination process;
  2. Establish the procedure, criteria and requirement for the conduct of a fair and credible selection process;
  3. Receive/accept written nominations from bona fide members;
  4. Process the submitted nominations using established criteria;
  5. Select the best five (5) Nominees for GPP;
  6. Present the best five (5) Nominees to the General Membership;
  7. Chronicle the proceedings; and,
  8. Submit a written report which details the entire selection process.

PRE-SELECTION TASKS: The Selection Committee shall convene (online meeting acceptable) and agree on:

  1. The procedure on how to conduct the selection process;
  2. The minimum criteria for potential Nominees;
  3. The draft letter/communication announcing the start and end of the Nomination Period;
  4. The format of the Letter of Nomination and documentary attachments/annexes;
  5. A reasonable Timeline; and,
  6. Prepare an Inception Plan and communicate the same to all the Members.

SELECTION PROCEDURE: The Selection Committee shall adopt the following Selection Procedure:

  1. Prepare an Inception Plan and publish the same in the GPP Kalikasan Muna website for the information of all the members.
  2. Use all means to communicate to all members that the Selection Committee is ready to accept nominations. A period for submission of nominations shall be specified in this announcement. (Sample “Letter of Announcement” is provided below as ANNEX “A”.)
  3. All nomination letters shall be sent to the three (3) Members of the Selection Committee through their respective email addresses (as indicated in the “Sample Letter of Nomination” below) together with a complete set of documentary requirement (as indicated in the “Criteria and Documentary Requirement” below as ANNEX “B”).
  1. After the deadline for the submission of nomination expires, the Selection Committee shall communicate to all the members the list of nominees as gathered in the period of nomination.
  2. The Selection Committee shall commence processing and selection right after the deadline for submission of nominations expires.
  3. The Selection Committee reserves the right to invite those nominated for an online panel interview.
  4. The Selection Committee shall announce (in writing) the final result of the selection process.

CRITERIA AND DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENT: This portion should be read and understood by a Nominator as it outlines the criteria and details the necessary documentary requirement/attachment to the Nomination Letter.

TIMELINE: The entire selection process is estimated for completion in six (6) weeks.

SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES: It is important for all concerned to be aware and understand the Inclusive Dates in this Schedule of Activities.